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Watch Life Fitness Sports Watch Face for Android Wear

Fully Customizable Colors, Fonts and Background Images

WatchLife Watches Fully Customizable

Watches Tested
Moto 360
LG Urbane

WatchLife Watches

Tested on Wear 1.x and Wear 2.x

Install Instructions
Download and Install WatchLife on Your Mobile Device

Install WatchLife on Wearable Device
Wear 1.x
When Notification Appears Touch to Install

Wear 2.x
Press Power Button to Load Apps Menu
Open Play Store
Scroll Down to Apps on your Phone
Touch WatchLife
Touch Install
After Installed Touch Set Watch face

WatchLife Main App Screen

WatchLife Touch Controls

Digital 12 or 24 Hour Time Display
One touch changes between 12 or 24 Hour Mode

Heart Rate Monitor
(Requires Watch with Heart Rate Sensor)
Must Select Device Permission to allow Watch face
to access Body Sensors.

Standard Mode activates when watch is in Active Mode
and deactivates 5 to 10 seconds after watch goes into
ambient mode. Watch may not stay active long enough
to get Heart reading. Touch screen to keep active longer
or switch on continuous mode.

Continuous Heart Rate Mode is activated by touching
Heart Icon Meter.
Icon blinks while watch is in active mode.
Box outlines meter in ambient mode.
To switch back to Standard Mode touch the Heart Meter.

Heart60 Meter that tracks your progress to 30 and 60 minutes
of heart activity per day.

WatchLife Heart60 Meter

Steps Counter
Icon changes colors from Red to Green with progress to
keep you motivated to get moving.
(For Steps Counter to work on a Treadmill, On Your
Mobile Device Select Settings, Location,
Select Mode = High Accuracy)

WatchLife Steps Range Colors

WatchLife Steps Chart

Water Drink Reminder with Consumption Meter
Set Hours for Vibration and Blinking Icon Reminder to
drink water. Touch Water Icon to Stop Flashing
Each touch adds 4 Ounce Increment to Water Consumed

WatchLife Water Chart

Quick Access to Your Favorite Wear Apps
Add 0 to 8 of your Favorite Wear Apps
to the Watch Face. Select Icon Size Standard
or Large. Easily Set the Display Position of
your Favorite App Icons.

Customize Foreground and Background Colors
Select Image on Mobile Device
for Watch Background

Save Color Presets

Easy One touch Switching between your Presets
Unlimited Presets

WatchLife Color Font Screen

WatchLife Color Select Screen

WatchLife Font Select

View Fitness Stats with Data and Bar Charts

Records Steps 5k and 10k Day Streaks.
Heart60 Meter Tracks 30 and 60 Minute Day Streaks.
Shows Your Best Steps and Heart Activity Records.

WatchLife Heart Low Chart

WatchLife Heart High Chart

WatchLife Heart Avg Chart

WatchLife Heart Resting Chart

WatchLife Heart Active Chart

WatchLife Heart Minutes Chart